Continuing Education for Pharmacists

We are committed not only to your continuing-education (CE) efforts, but also to finding ways to make your CE easier.

Our traditional lessons are available as PDFs, which require you to mail or fax your responses to receive accreditation from the Canadian Council on Continuing Education in Pharmacy (CCCEP). You can also answer CCCEP-approved CEs online and receive instant results and accreditation. To find out about our online lessons, which have been developed in partnership with Pear Healthcare Solutions, visit

Generic Medications: Addressing Common Patient Concerns with Confidence
Certification Program: Comprehensive Diabetes Educator (CDE) preparation course
Immunization Training

Note: Teva Canada CEs are valid for accreditation for 12 months. While no longer valid for accreditation, archived lessons are also available.

Archived Business CEs

Archived Science CEs

Archived Practice CEs


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