Community Seminars

The prevalence of diabetes in Canada is growing rapidly: 25% of Canadians have diagnosed or undiagnosed diabetes, or have prediabetes. It’s estimated that, by 2020, 10.8% of Canadians will have been diagnosed with this disease.

When caught early, diabetes and its complications can be managed more effectively. Therefore, it’s important to educate as many people as possible about the benefits of keeping their blood glucose under control, and the potential consequences of diabetes.

This presentation lets you give your patients an overview of diabetes, with information about the difference between Type 1 and Type 2, risk factors for diabetes, how the disease is screened (including why even healthy people need to be screened), complications such as blindness and kidney disease, and what medications are used to treat diabetes. You’ll also be able to teach your patients how to prevent diabetes through lifestyle choices such as healthy eating.

Materials include a background refresher document for you, a PowerPoint presentation and a patient handout.

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