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Operation: Butt Out

Pharmacists know that smoking—and exposure to second-hand smoke—is a leading cause of many devastating diseases, from lung cancer to heart disease to emphysema. Operation: Butt Out is an engaging program that teaches kids aged 10 to 14 about the hazards of smoking, and allows you to demonstrate your pharmacy’s commitment to the lifelong health of your patients. The seminar features:

  • a fun video, featuring the Lab Brats© (to view a video sample, click here)
  • graphic posters to be displayed in your pharmacy, local schools, etc.
  • booklets explaining how smoking can hurt children’s career aspirations
  • pledge forms, to be returned to the pharmacy for a chance to win an iTunes Gift Card
  • Operation: Butt Out pledge cards
  • iTunes Gift Cards, to be given to draw winners
  • anti-smoking buttons and wristbands
  • communication to parents: a letter to take home, explaining what the child learned in the program (to help build patient loyalty, you can also include your pharmacy name and address on each letter).

Special offer! For a limited time, we will be offering a presentation kit for 150 students for $150—that’s a savings of $250 off the regular price. Quantities are limited.

Operation: Butt Out is available to order online: Click here to shop Teva Pharmacy Solutions.

Presentation tips

While we provide comprehensive materials, which allow you to deliver the seminar with ease, it’s natural to be nervous about public speaking and hosting an event. The following tips can help you relax and deliver a successful presentation:

  • Arrive early and ensure that all equipment (e.g., computer, DVD player, projector, etc.) is set up and working.
  • Make sure you have enough handouts for the group.
  • If you open up the floor to questions and there is silence, tell the group that you will answer some of the common questions you hear at the pharmacy.
  • Rehearse your talk and run it by family members or friends who can give you advice, and take criticism constructively.
  • Remember that you are already a subject expert, so just review, relax, and have fun educating your patients. You do this every day on a one-on-one basis.

Operation: Butt Out Presentation

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