Continuing Education for Technicians

Explore Canada’s only national bilingual CE correspondence program for pharmacy technicians.

We are committed not only to your continuing-education (CE) efforts, but also to finding ways to make your CE easier. Tech Talk CE—Canada's only national bilingual CE correspondence program for pharmacy technicians—offers four-page lessons, which are available:

  • Below as PDFs, which require you to mail or fax your responses to receive accreditation from the Canadian Council on Continuing Education in Pharmacy (CCCEP)
  • As online lessons through Canadian Healthcare Network, which allow you to receive instant results and accreditation.
NameIssue Date
Diabetes management and monitoringMay 2019
Communicating with and supporting caregiversMarch 2019
Chemotherapy and Hazardous Drugs: A guide to safe storing and handlingDecember 2018
How to Prevent Medication IncidentsOctober 2018
ADHD: An OverviewAugust 2018
Management of Opioid Use Disorder: The Role of the Pharmacy TechnicianMay 2018
HIV/AIDS: Engaging effectively with people living with HIV infectionApril 2018
OTC Medications for the Management of Chronic PainDecember 2017
Blood Glucose Monitoring and Diabetes ManagementOctober 2017
Expanded Scope: Learning Better TogetherSeptember 2017
Communicating Effectively with PatientsJuly 2017
Caring for Geriatric PatientsMay 2017

Note: Tech Talk CEs are valid for accreditation for 12 months. While no longer valid for accreditation, archived lessons are also available.

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