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Teva Business Advice, an online program dedicated to answering your questions and giving you the perspectives of leading experts, was led by business-strategy legend Ken Wong. A professor at Queen’s School of Business (rated by BusinessWeek as the #1 non-U.S. MBA program in the world), Ken is an alumnus of Queen’s and Harvard, and has been inducted into the Canadian Marketing Hall of Legends. He has taught at several leading universities and has advised many of the top companies in Canada and the U.S., and around the world, including pharmacy retailers such as London Drugs and Rx Plus.

Download his blog posts here:

What Differentiation? Don't We All Sell Drugs?
Am I Reaching My Target Customer? Evaluating Your Ads
"Quality" Defined
Improving Quality
Plans and Planning – Writing a Marketing Plan
Planning and Profit Projections – The Base Case
Estimating the Plan's Impact
Campaign Planning
Managing Price: The Missing "C"
Managing the Product Portfolio
Deciding a Growth Direction
Economics of Customer Loyalty
Considerations in Building Customer Loyalty
Five Factors for New Product Success
Acquiring New Customers
Managing the In-store Experience
Managing Customer Service
How Millennials Think about Choosing a Drug Store
Marketing to Mothers
Don't Market to Seniors
Marketing to Men
Marketing "Slice of Life" Bundles
Why Customers Don't Do What They Should
Awareness: Customers Won't Buy the Unknown
Converting Trial: Meeting Expectations
Keeping What You've Won
Take My Money – Please
A Retrospective Look – Why Winners Win
The Road Ahead

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